Bell Street Brewery

Meet Malcolm

We're delighted to welcome Malcolm Mayo as the official Head Brewer at the Bell Street Brewery. Malcolm worked at Marston's Wychwood Brewery for over 12 years as Quality Manager, so Brakspear's beer are nothing new to him, and we're confident we're in safe hands.

"Having been involved with Brakspear Special for many years, I've enjoyed playing a part in its move back to Henley. Recreating it in new surroundings has been a relatively smooth process. Brakspear have installed high-quality, British made brewery equipment at the Bell Street Brewery, which has been a pleasure to brew with. Although the process is slightly different here, in that there is no whirlpool and the system uses whole hops, the principles are the same. At the end of the boil, the hops are retained by a perforated plate at the bottom of the copper and form a filter bed along the lines of a traditional hop back. The yeast used was the original Brakspear strain, provided by Wychwood Brewery."

Malcolm Mayo, Head Brewer, Brakspear's Bell Street Brewery

Aiding Malcolm in the brewery are a handful of team members from the Bull. Over time, everyone working at the pub, both front of house and in the kitchen, will be trained to brew and will spend time regularly in the brewery. We're keen to make the brewery an integral part of the pub. With training, everyone at the Bull On Bell Street will understand how Brakspear Special is produced and will take great pride in selling it.

Photo right shows Tom Davies, Brakspear CEO (left) and Malcom Mayo, Head Brewer (right).